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Unlike most retailers, we GUARANTEE your item to be brand new, unused and never refurbished by a factory or otherwise. On the internet these days, you can never be too careful. As such, only buy from a retailer like ReliaBuy who explicitly promises and guarantees your purchases to be BRAND NEW. In addition, every product we offer comes with a Manufacturer Warranty. The length of this Warranty is clearly listed for you in each product description and ranges from 30 days all the way up to Lifetime on some products!


We understand there’s nothing worse than an equipment failure. Many Retailers sell you a product online, then disappear when you have an issue in the future. Many large Manufacturers take their time when you finally do contact them with an issue. While we do not fulfill warranties or service equipment ourselves, we go the extra mile to help you to overcome this common issue by putting as much pressure as possible on the Manufacturers to assist you in a complete and timely manner. While you are not one of their biggest customers, WE ARE and we use that bargaining power to ensure you get the warranty that comes with your purchase fulfilled as soon as possible, sometimes even with same day service and very often within 24 hours of reporting an issue.


Read the fine print at many online retailers and they tell you the burden of the freight shipment is passed on to YOU as soon as they hand your item off to the Freight Carrier – this means YOU become responsible for filing and awaiting Claims if damages should occur in transit and must pay for a replacement unit in the mean time. What you may also not know is that Freight Claims are a veritable nightmare as the carriers have 120 days to reimburse you and will fight you tooth and nail every step of the way. At ReliaBuy, when you order an item that ships by Freight Truck, if it arrives physically damaged and you REFUSE the delivery (always inspect items fully before accepting/signing off), we will quickly repair or replace the unit at NO additional cost to you, no questions asked!


We don’t like being nickel and dimed and neither should you. As such, we do our best to include the most common surcharges in our everyday low prices. Most of our items offer Free Shipping but when you read the fine print at other retailers, they usually charge you $75 extra for the basic Liftgate option on delivery of heavy items that ship via Freight truck and some even charge you $100 just to crate your item to get it ready for shipment. At ReliaBuy, almost every item ships FREE and almost every item that ships by Freight Truck INCLUDES the crating and liftgate surcharges for free as well. Look around and you’ll also find we offer many other free bonuses such as stainless steel upgrades and extended warranties!


We created the exclusive ReliaBuy Ratings System™ to help you compare apples to oranges. Many of our items may look similar on the outside but have huge differences when it comes to internal components, fit and finish, special features, warranty coverage and especially price. Before, you had no way to figure out what you’re truly paying for but now you can clearly see EXACTLY what you are getting and sacrificing. Should you pay more for a “better” unit or save your money? Only YOU can answer that question but at least now you have the info you need to be able to make that determination and choose the exact right level of price, quality and warranty coverage for your particular needs.


We use an INFORMATION-based approach and not hype or pressure. We already know we have the best prices on the web so when you’re ready to buy, we’ll be here for you. In the mean time, we know that what you need first is INFORMATION as you need to ensure the item is truly going to meet your needs. As a result, we take the time to speak extensively to our Manufacturer partners to fully understand the product in its entirety. We then pass along this info via our long and detailed custom Product Descriptions. If you need more info, we’re just a call or email away. As restocking fees often apply on returns, the best bet is to take the time to ask everything you need to know up-front so there are no disappointments later - this helps to ensure you get exactly what you expected.



We maintain your Privacy and Security with the strictest of standards. When you order from us, your personal information is safe. We never sell your info to 3rd-party companies who will then harass you with endless promotional emails and spam. All payment and order information screens are Secured so that no 3rd-parties can view or obtain this information. In fact our website orders come through to our processing department with NO credit card numbers/information visible – all we see is that the order was approved through our secure payment gateway and that’s it. As a result, you can feel confident that ordering from ReliaBuy is as safe and reliable as buying from any trusted local purveyor.


Our full support reps are available 9am-5pm PST M-F with limited live reps answering the phone and taking messages 24/7 so you will NEVER talk to a machine no matter when you call. Our service team is up to the task of delivering the best service in the industry by utilizing an active problem-solving approach. This means taking the time to truly listen to you in order to identify the best available solution. You will find our service team to be comprised of dedicated and friendly professionals with real restaurant experience who understand where you're coming from and who truly want to help you. And we make contacting us easy with a toll-free number and fast email response times.


Ultimately ReliaBuy is about doing business the old-fashioned HONEST WAY. We have the strongest track record of providing excellent customer service of ANYONE – which is attested to by the fact that in over 5 years, we’ve never even had a single BBB Complaint and our eBay Store (ReliaBuy-Co) has the very highest of Feedback ratings. Here at ReliaBuy, we’re all about doing the RIGHT THING and that means having a strong ethical backbone from the top-down so that each and every single transaction can be considered an honest act of business. While we realize this is not the norm in today's marketplace, it is our goal to return the norm back to these ethical ways. Help us accomplish this goal by becoming a valued ReliaBuy customer today!

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